Friday, October 7, 2011


i love's my absolutely favorite holiday. yes, i like it more than christmas. my husband's birthday is on halloween and i love playing little tricks on my kids. look at these great bloody butcher organs i found at the dollar store (yes, the dollar store). what to do, what to do...hmmmm....i know! put them in my kids lunch bags on halloween! shhh, don't tell them and ruin the surprise.

brains, liver and heart

there's even a suggested serving...very hannibal lecter

look how cute those brains look in my daughter's adorable lunch bag

such a well-balanced might say "brain food"

no cute little treat bags for my kids. they get blood-spattered styrofoam trays with plastic bloodied organs. yes, i am twisted. am i a bad mother? should i be worried that my 6-yr old daughter will try to eat the plastic brains and choke? nah, too much fun!!! do you play any halloween tricks on your family?

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