Wednesday, November 30, 2011

four gifts

have you heard of this christmas gift giving tradition? a friend introduced me to it a few years ago. It is such a simple, beautiful idea for the holidays.

something you want
something you need

something to wear

something to read

i found these beautiful tags to go along with each gift and they can be reused year after year.

image {dandee}

image {dandee}

what is your gift giving tradition?


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  1. For some reason, I have in my mind that I read that little diddy in "Unplug the Christmas Machine" by Jo Robinson and Jean Coppock Staeheli. It's been a while since I originally read the book and we've been using that poem for years. Every year, the kids now automatically make their "want, need, play, read" lists (the one I originally read said play instead of wear). I never thought about making permanent tags, but I love that idea. I cross-stitch a lot, so I might go that direction. Thanks for the idea. ;)