Thursday, January 12, 2012

max's dangerous party for boys

***warning - picture heavy***

our son, max turned ten years old in november. we threw him a "dangerous party for boys" based on the dangerous book for boys. here's the invitation by rachel of pencil shavings. she did such a great job!

all the food was based on different chapters in the book. there was a chess cake made by my dear friend andrea, fossil cookies and crickette and larvet cupcakes. the kids loved challenging each other to eat the crickettes and larvettes!

the chess pieces were made from white and dark chocolate

all the activities were also taken from the book

paper water bomb (it actually holds water!)

sticks for bows

learning how to juggle

learning the rules of poker

my favorite part was my husband's presentation on "advice on girls"
taken directly from the book (not based on his own experiences!)

they all high-fived when my husband suggested that they stay away from
girls until they were 30!

we made them eat "dangerous" food based on some of the
seven modern wonders of the world

all the boys received a box of "essential gear for dangerous boys"
(compass, flashlight, pencil, paper, marble, fish hook, fishing line,
needle and thread, bandaid, magnifying glass, bandana)

happy birthday max!!!



  1. What an amazing party, that cake is awesome! Love all the activities!!

  2. What a great party, the activities look like so much fun. And I can just see those cupcakes being a huge hit with the boys!

  3. What a cool birthday idea and it was all so well executed. You are so creative!

  4. What an amazing birthday!! Such an original idea! Hope Max had a great time!