Friday, July 6, 2012

the great cousin camp out 2012: invitations

it's time again for our annual cousin camp out and another reason for me to send out cute invitations!  i found these adorable invites from cracked designs.  tara did these for her son's birthday party.  as soon as i saw them i knew they would be perfect for our camp out this year.  you can check out tara's son's adorable party here.

so i asked tara if she could tweak them a bit for our annual cousin camp out.  what do you think?

love the little bag!

each muslin bag fits into a kraft envelope and then sealed with this cute sticker

are you a child of the 70's?  were you glued to the tv like i was watching those great bigfoot documentaries?  i have been looking for the perfect ones to show at the film festival.  if you have any suggestions, i would love to hear them!  i know the adults are going to love watching them; the kids, i'm not so sure...

i'll be back with more camp out inspiration'll be surprised how many bigfoot goodies are out there!


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