Tuesday, June 28, 2011

dirty ash tray

in my little world of cookies, i stumble upon some amazingly talented and creative people. most of them are artists using dough and sugar as their medium. i am just a baker trying to create simple art that tastes good. i was in awe of this creation i came across recently. when i first saw the thumbnail photo, i thought why is this lady posting a picture of her dirty ash tray? then i took a closer look...
that is all edible!!! cookies covered in fondant for the cigarettes, chocolate crumbs mixed with coconut for the ashes and even a lipstick stain!! it was done for a dessert table with a theme of "after the party." brilliant!!! created by the amazing artist of neviepie cakes.

this is what the rest of the table looked like...i wonder if anyone ate any of it? would you?

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