Monday, June 6, 2011

i see cookies

remember that famous line from the movie "the sixth sense?" (i won't write it because it's a little gruesome for a cookie blog). well, i see cookies...everywhere, all the time, in everything. it could be a dish towel, a kids tee shirt, wallpaper, a quilt, a card. i get inspired by so many things (occupational hazard, i guess). so instead of doing laundry or dishes, i make cookies. cookies just for me to look at because they make me happy. so here is my latest inspiration as my kids ask me "mom, do i have any clean underwear?"

my newest obsession is vintage aqua mason jars. they are just gorgeous.

look at the beautiful creations inspired by these lovely glass jars...

images clockwise from top left:
1. mason jar pendant light 2. ball jar stationery 3. save-the-date card 4. pinterest

so, i tracked down a wonderful rare mason jar cookie cutter and made this...

wouldn't this make a charming gift for that special friend? perhaps a mason jar filled with flowers or that cute dishtowel and a cookie to match?

more inspired cookies coming soon. what inspires you?


  1. Where did you find the cookie cutter!! amazing

  2. stacey, it is a michael bonne cutter limited edition made for ball mason jar company. i found it on ebay just by chance. i would suggest keep checking ebay. good luck! and thank you for your nice comments!