Monday, July 11, 2011

our little library

i don't always write about cookies (if you haven't noticed). i hope that's okay with you. when i started this blog i knew i didn't want it to be just about cookies but also things that inspire me, personal experiences, lifestyle, crafts and cute things i find while i'm surfing the internet. those are the kinds of blogs that draw me in and keep be coming back for more. if you want to see more cookies, then just let me know. if you like what you are reading, let me know that too. i'd like to know you stopped by for a visit.

we have the cutest little library on the cutest little main street in the cutest little town. the library started off as a one room school house in the 1800's then turned into an elementary school and now it's our library. i attended first and second grade there and walked up and down main street every day to and from school all by myself. would you let your kids do that today?

they have a wonderful summer reading program with great crafts, stories and activities for the kids. for the past few years i have been doing a japanese fish printing (gyotaku) craft. traditional japanese fish printing uses real fish but we used rubber replicas (found here) and printed them on tees. the kids had a great time.

and i'll throw in a fish cookie i did a while ago since this is a cookie blog....

are you doing anything creative this week?

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  1. I do agree that we have a cute little library on a cute little main street!