Thursday, July 7, 2011

sugarlily on the road

what happened to all the cute ice cream trucks that drove around our neighborhoods when we were little playing that irresistible song luring all the kiddos like the pied piper? do you remember how excited you were when you heard that sound? i would love to have a "cookie" truck someday and have been inspired by these lovely vehicles i've spotted recently...

how adorable is this flower truck? i could easily transport some cute cookies in here


i'm loving this cart too and again, cookies would work...

image via: you are my fave

and i think my favorite is this renovated shasta camper that sells snow cones!
how cute!!! look at that little guy!

image via google

would you buy cookies from a truck?


  1. I would TOTALLY buy cookies from a truck! Especially yours. AND we still have an ice cream truck that drives around the neighborhoods where I live. They play It's a Small World over and over drawing all the kids out for some sugary goodness. My kids love it.

  2. Of course I would buy your cookies from a truck Lisa! I am a sucker for a beautiful face and tasty cookies! AND, by the way, living in Lititz, we still have an ice cream truck that roams the streets of our town on Friday afternoons/evenings and on the weekend. They play carnival sounding music over their loudspeaker and the kids come out in droves.