Tuesday, September 17, 2013

halloween favor: creepy

Yesterday I showed my daughter's "cute" halloween favor here.  
Today is the "creepy" version for my 11-yr old son that he handed out to his class last year.
vampire blood bags (original inspiration here)

you'll need:
small brown kraft envelopes (found at Michael's)
black twine (found here)
vampire labels (found here)
candy blood bags (found here)
hole punch and/or awl
Punch a hole in the "hang" tag section of the label.  Use an awl to make two holes for a "vampire bite."  I used an awl instead of a hole punch for the "bite" to make it more realistic.
Place one bag o' blood in envelope.  Wrap twine around several times and add tag.
So cute and creepy....perfect for 11-yr old boys!
Do you prefer cute or creepy halloween?
Now if I can just figure out what this year's favors are going to be...

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