Monday, September 16, 2013

halloween favor: cute

I am well steeped into Halloween already and have been thinking about classroom favors for my children.  My daughter is in third grade and I tend to do something a little "cuter" for her class.  Although she and I both prefer things a little creepier.

I made these for her class last year.  I saw the original idea in Better Homes and Gardens.


Here's what you'll need:

favor bags (found here)

glassine cupcake liners (found here)

halloween stickers (mine are last year's martha stewart collection)

mini black clothespins (found here)

adhesive roller

assorted halloween candies, trinkets, etc


Flatten out two cupcake liners of the same color.  
Scrunch one of the liners to make it slightly smaller than the other liner.

Glue smaller liner on top of large liner.  Add sticker to middle.

Glue cupcake liner to front of bag.  Fill with assorted candy, treats and trinkets.
Fold over top of bag and keep closed with mini clothespin.

How cute and easy!!  Tomorrow I will show you my creepy version for my son's class.


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